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Fighting For
Employee And Union Rights
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Noncompete Or Confidentiality Agreement Dispute

Noncompete and confidentiality agreements are becoming a standard business practice. Businesses use legitimate agreements to protect trade secrets in a very competitive environment. To be valid, however, a noncompete agreement cannot restrict a person’s right to earn a living. A valid confidentiality agreement must be clearly written, including specific language that does not restrict an employee’s ability to seek employment based on their work experience and industry knowledge.

We Do Not Represent Businesses – Only Employees

If you reside or work in Michigan and are involved in a dispute with your employer or former employer over a noncompete or confidentiality agreement, talk to an attorney at Miller Cohen, P.L.C. We are a team of experienced, effective employment law attorneys who will aggressively fight to protect your right to seek employment in your field.

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From offices in Dearborn and Detroit, our lawyers represent workers involved in noncompete and confidentiality agreement disputes anywhere in Michigan. Call us toll-free at 800-221-6021 or use our convenient email contact form to arrange an opportunity to meet with one of our experienced employment law attorneys today.