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Fighting For
Employee And Union Rights
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Our Attorneys Handle Federal Whistleblower Claims Throughout Michigan

Qui tam is a shortened version of the Latin phrase qui tam pro domino rege quam pro se ipso in hac parte sequitur. Translated, it means he who sues in this matter for the king as for himself. In American law, qui tam refers to the federal False Claims Act and whistleblower protections offered to anyone who brings a lawsuit against an employer or corporate entity for fraud against the U.S. government.

What if you don’t work for the company? Qui tam actions may also be filed by former employees, independent contractors, or subcontractors who are aware of ongoing or previous accounting, tax, or contract fraud committed against the U.S. government.

Anti-Retaliation Provisions To Protect Employees

Under federal qui tam claims law, employers are not allowed to retaliate against an employee who reports fraud. In addition, the employee or person reporting the fraud is eligible to receive a percentage of any penalty paid by the corporate entity, if the fraud is substantiated. To file a bona fide qui tam action and become eligible for the reward and protections provided for by law, you are required to follow specific procedures, including retaining qualified legal counsel.

If You Suspect Fraud, Report It

If you work and reside in Michigan and are considering filing a qui tam action against a government contractor you suspect of fraud against U.S. taxpayers, turn to Miller Cohen, P.L.C., for legal counsel. We are recognized among the pre-eminent employment and whistleblower litigation firms serving clients throughout Michigan.

From offices in Dearborn and Detroit, we represent clients seeking to file a qui tam action anywhere in Michigan. Call us toll-free at 800-221-6021 or use our convenient email contact form to arrange an opportunity to meet with one of our experienced qui tam lawyers today.